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Current Version: Sguil 0.9.0

Sguil Documentation

The most current install documentation can always be found under the docs directory of the included source. This documentation is purposely generic and should serve as a good guideline for installing the Sguil components on your selected operating system. Keep an eye on this page as we hope to add more specific install instructions for a variety of operating systems.

Sguil on RedHat HOWTO

David J. Bianco has provided an excellent HOWTO on getting Sguil running on RedHat Linux. The HOWTO is also a useful guideline for installing Sguil on other platforms.

Installing the Sguil client on MicroSoft Windows

Getting the Sguil client up and running in MicroSoft Windows is a fairly easy process. First download and unpack the most recent version of Sguil from here. Next, download and install the freeActiveTcl libraries. Finally, associate the sguil.tk application with the tcl interpreter. Step by step instructions are available from the TaoSecurity Blog.